(GL10S) Gun Light Package 12v 50watt


1 Million Candle Power Gun light giving maximum performance

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£40.00 tax excl.

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This is a miniature gun lamp which is very compact with maximum performance obtainable from such a small lamp.  

It is supplied with our unique snap on gun mount which is fully adjustable in all planes.

The 1 million candle power packages comes complete with

  • 12v 50w Gun Light 
  • 25/30mm Universal Gun Mounting Kit
  • 12v 7amp/hr Canvas Shoulder Pack
  • 12v Mains Charger
  • Car Charging Lead


Duration: 1.5 hours continuous

Beam: 500 m

Battery Pack: 12v 7 amp/hr Sealed lead acid

Bulb: 12v 50w Xenon

Total Weight: 3.5 Kg

Mains Charger: CH5L

Vehicle Charger: L3