(CB2) Clubman Deluxe 1 Million CP


The 1 million c/p Clubman Deluxe is Clulite's ultimate power package. It has a piercing spot beam and detachable head shining up to 1000m.



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The Clubman lamps are a firm favourite among hunters, vermin control, utilities, surveillance, ecologists, gamekeepers and a multitude of other users due to its versatility and superb beam. It can be handheld or gun mounted making it suitable for many applications.


Duration - 1.5 hours on main beam

3 hours on secondary beam

Beam - 1000 metres

Battery - 12v 7 amp/hr

Bulb - 12v 50w Xenon (Main)

12v 10w (Secondary)

Weight - 3.5kg

Mains Charger

Recharge time 12 hours approx

Vehicle charger


Key Features:-

1 million candle power

1000m spot beam (Main Beam)

Secondary beam for local work

Unique pivoting head


Package contents:-

Lamp with handle

12v 7amp power pack & Shoulder strap

Mains permanent charger

Vehicle charger