WE1-GL Gunlight LED Rechargeable - White Eye


Concentrated focus spot beam with shooting distance of 300m



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£98.40 tax incl.

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The white eye is a more focused spot beam which uses less power but gives longer duration.

  •  250 Lumens - 300m shooting distance
  •  Lightweight 280g with battery torch & gun mount
  •  Rechargeable li-ion battery (B21)
  •  Duration 3 hours on high & 20 hours on low
  •  Universal gun mounting kit 25/30mm
  •  Mains charger remote & push button switch & wrist strap included
Optional extras
Filter Set (A72)
Interchangeable heads:
Red (LF65)
Green (LF66)
Infra-Red (LF67)
White 1000 Lumens - Scanning Beam (LF68)